Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red or Blue?

I am undecided on what color to paint the cabinet once I'm done filling all of the holes, sanding it down and applying a few coats or primer. Most Donkey Kong cabinets came in powdered blue - in fact, the cabinet I am restoring was powder blue at one point and the only Donkey Kong cabinets I can recall from my youth were all powder blue. However, the first batch of Donkey Kong cabinets actually came in a deep red because they were converted from another Nintendo game - Radar Scope - which failed miserably.

Check it out:

The only reason I am considering red is purely for aesthetics - I just like the way it looks. I am really undecided at this point although I'm leaning towards blue because that is how I remember it...

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Anonymous said...

Red please. Donkey Kong is a game meant to stand out.