Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Madness!

As expected I didn't quite get as much done over the long weekend as I had hoped. We had plans on all three days so I was only able to work on the cab on Monday afternoon for 2 hours while my son napped. Instead of trying to paint the cab in a rush I ended up making the control panel. I took a ton of pictures and I'll try and do my best to explain the process.

More later.


Barry said...

Hi! Great work you are doing on your DK restoration. I have followed your work on Bella's arcade as well, you did an excellent job there too.

I am busy with a Donkey Kong cabinet replica myself (

Could you help me out concerning the baby blue color? would you be willing to send me a little chip of blue by mail, so I can take that to my paintshop to scan it? :) That would REALLY help me out. I am a perfectionist, a different shade of blue would ruin the cab.

Good luck on your progress!

Some guy on the Internet said...

Hey Barry - I came upon your cab during my (ongoing) search for information. I'm glad to see you are getting back to it. I'm not sure you would want a paint chip from my cab to match. It has faded a lot over time - even the panel on the inside varies in color from top to bottom. I will most definitely NOT be relying on it when I go buy the paint for my DK. Whatever I come up with I'll be sure to post the paint codes.

Barry said...

Thanks for your reply. Well, I'll just continue my search for the perfect blue paint :) Thanks anyway!
Looking forward to your next blog entry.

Greetings Barry

Some guy on the Internet said...

Hey Barry - I took another look last night just to be sure and I definitely need to match the paint to something other than what I've got - it is a mess. Also, I already sanded and painted the side and front panels so I wouldn't be able to use that anyway! Your cab looks fantastic - you've got some skills to recreate the thing out of MDF like that.