Monday, June 8, 2009

Recreating The Control Panel: Part 5

The next thing I did was route out some material on the bottom of the control panel in two places. First I cut the groove/slot for the metal plate/catch thing to sit in so the control panel can lie flush when installed.

It was pretty easy to do. I used a 1/4" straight cutting bit with my plunge router positioned against a straight edge. I marked off the end points and made the cut in two passes.

Here is the finished groove:

And this is what the setup looked like with the straight edge for the router to run along:

To set it up perfectly I just lowered the router to zero level and lined up the edge of the bit with my layout line. Then I just played with the straight edge and the clamps until I could run the router bit exactly along the layout line. Then I adjusted the depth of the bit and made the cut in one fairly smooth motion.

Next, I removed the material along the back edge so the control panel would fit in the cabinet properly. For whatever reason, the cabinet was designed so the back edge of the control panel sits in between the block of wood where the instruction card will eventually go and the control panel supports on the sides. I have no idea why they couldn't make this "slot" 9/16" and then not require the back edge of the control panel to be cut.

No big deal though. I set up the straight edge and router exactly the same way as when I cut the groove and just slowly removed the material working back towards the straight edge. I don't have any pictures of this part but here is the back edge of the original control panel so you can see what I'm talking about:

Next up - cutting the t-molding slot and installing everything.

More later.

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