Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Powder Blue Paint. Ugh.

Well here we go. In case you couldn't tell yet, I hate painting. It is finally time to apply the powder blue paint on the sides and front of the cabinet. The goal here is to apply several thin coats in order to achieve as flat of a finish as possible. The smoother the finish, the nicer it looks and the better chance I have of actually putting this thing somewhere in my house.

I went to Sherwin-Williams to get some high quality paint and I think I got some good stuff. You can get the formula off of the picture below:

I was going to get an oil-based product but due to environmental laws in my area they could only sell me a quart and on top of that they didn't have the right base for the color codes I had so I ended up going with latex. The guy assured me that it was their flagship product and it would dry nice and even (which it did). I'm quite happy with how it is turning out after applying two coats.

More later.

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