Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Monitor Mount

Next up, installing the monitor. This was so difficult and I definitely could not have done it without the help of my dad (and mom!). From the start of this project I knew the monitor mount would be tricky because I was going to deviate a bit from the original design. I did not want to put bolts through the side of the cabinet in order to support the monitor like this (thanks for the pic Neilyboy):

I don't know why... maybe I just didn't like the thought of poking holes in the side art. The problem with wanting to do this is that the sides are only 9/16" thick which isn't nearly enough material to screw into to support a ~50 lb. monitor so I had to think of a way to get the monitor at the proper angle and supported from the bottom.

Another problem was that the monitor had triangular brackets on each side which supported the monitor in a horizontal position. When placing the monitor vertically in the Donkey Kong cabinet these brackets stuck out the back - this is obviously unacceptable so they had to be removed. Compounding the issue was that these brackets also held the electronics of the monitor in place! See:

The final problem was making a frame for the monitor. After removing the triangular brackets there was no way to actually mount the monitor! Did I figure it out?

Stay tuned...


Barry said...

I think you DID figure it, seeing the pic in the top right corner of this website :)

Real good solution. I did it like that myself too.

Succes with the final steps restoring this beautiful cabinet!


Some guy on the Internet said...

Haha yeah - it went in pretty nice even though I had a hard time with it. I still haven't turned it on yet though - it better work! If I get the cab running I'll never finish it...

Good luck to you too - yours is coming out GREAT.