Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recreating The Control Panel: Part 2

Next, I had to lay out the button locations and the holes for the control panel bolts which hold down the plastic control panel overlay. This part was simple. Using the old control panel as a guide, I placed a 1-1/8" Forstner bit in each hole and gave it a light tap with my rubber mallet to mark the center point of each button and the joystick hole.

Then, I used my drill to bore out the holes I just marked.

Once that was finished I installed the buttons I ordered in the holes I just drilled with the control panel overlay in place. I wanted to make sure the art would line up with the button holes and...

... this allowed me to layout the holes for the eight (8) control panel bolts that will secure the plastic overlay in place.

Finally, I removed the plastic overlay from the MDF and drilled out all the holes I just marked.

Next up - laminating the MDF panel and installing some components!

More later.

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