Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some More Parts Are Here!!

Yesterday when I got home from work I had a package waiting for me! Last week I placed an order with Arcade Shop for the marquee, bezel art, 9/16" white t-molding and the instruction cards (taped upside down to the Plexiglas). Check it out:

The bezel and the marquee came with protective plastic coverings which is why they look a little "off" in the pictures.

I can't wait to get everything installed and this is extra motivation to get moving with this thing. Unfortunately, my schedule has been extremely busy and I haven't had time to work on the cabinet. I did put on a coat of primer last week (no pics yet) but I still have to go back and fill in some small imperfections with bondo and sand again. It is tedious! I expect to finish the painting over Memorial Day weekend. After that the rest should go pretty quick.

More later.

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