Friday, July 31, 2009

The Marquee

Now this was fun. After I got the bottom marquee retainer and coin door back painted I was able to install the marquee and marquee light. It looks great!

It was fairly easy - first, I secured the 18" light I bought from Home Depot ($10) in place.

Next, I screwed the bottom marquee retainer in place with the marquee in position. Finally, I screwed the top marquee retainer in place. The light will be in the "always on" position and plugged into a SmartStrip which will be activated when the computer powers up. I'm getting closer!

I need to find some less obvious screws for the top marquee retainer. The ones I used are silver and quite noticeable. I'd like to replace them with some round head ones spraypainted black. I'll get to that eventually.

EDIT: I replaced the screws the other night. I ordered some from QuarterArcade and they look GREAT. No spraypainting necessary!

More later.

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