Monday, July 13, 2009

Replacing The Base

I decided to wait an extra day to let the black paint fully cure before I remove the blue tape and start prepping for the powder blue paint on the sides and front. In the meantime I started to rebuild the base of the cabinet. After years and years of sitting on the ground and being moved around it started to splinter and generally looks horrible.

It was easy to duplicate. I started out with an 8' long 3" x 1" piece of maple from Home Depot. I chose maple because it was harder than pine (the only other choice in the store). I should note that the actual measurements of a 1" x 3" is 3/4" x 2-1/2" which is perfect for the height of the base.


The dimensions of the base are 22" x 24-7/8" x 2-1/2". I cut up the maple accordingly with my chop saw and put a 45 degree cut on the ends so the corners would join together nicely. I also used my trusty biscuit cutter to cut some slots on the ends for some #10 biscuits. This will create a VERY strong joint when it is glued up. There is more surface area for the glue and the biscuit expands in the slot.

Before gluing everything together I applied 3 coats of the BIN Zinsser primer to hide the wood grain. I will paint it black once the pieces are glued together. I love this stuff.

I laid out everything on my dining room table (with some wax paper underneath in case of glue spillage).

I used two band clamps and 4 regular clamps to hold everything together. The joints are nice and tight and I checked it for squareness and it is pretty good.

It is drying right now. Tonight I'll apply the black paint (probably two coats) and install some small rubber feet for the base to sit on. Once the paint job on the rest of the cabinet is finished I'll take off the old base and install this one.

More later.

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